Frignani Virano e Associati

"The idea of the game is to buy and rent or sell properties so profitably that one becomes the wealthiest player and eventual the monopolist."

From the MONOPOLY game rules.

Antitrust and competition law, European Community law

Unlike Monopoly players, all companies, regardless of their size, are required to face the problem of respecting antitrust rules. The firm provides thorough advise in the fields of competition, trade and regulatory issues, assisting clients on the following issues:
  • assistance in the preliminary evaluation and implementation of business decisions to reduce the risk of sanctions through the implementation of Antitrust compliance programs and compliance codes;
  • horizontal and vertical restrictions; abuse of dominant position;
  • mergers and joint ventures;
  • prosecution or defense in front of the EC Commission, the Court of Justice, the Italian Competition Authority, the Italian Telecommunication Authority and Administrative Tribunals and civil courts;
  • civil actions for antitrust damages;
  • application of EU and Italian Competition law, including in the Italian energy sector (functional unbundling and district heating).
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